Hitting stance in Baseball

To get a base means you have to hit a round baseball coming at you at a rapid pace. Hitting a baseball is considered to be the toughest job in baseball. A youngster has to really work hard to become a hitter and needs a good coach to assist him.

Baseball hitting is really hard but to become a professional baseball hitter a proper approach towards the game is really necessary. First of all, ensure that you feel comfortable in facing the stance towards the plate, because comfort is important for an excellent hit. But the real question is does a particular stance really helps, lets find out.

The most common stance used by many professionals is the open stance. In this stance your two feet’s are roughly the similar space amidst the plate and the front of your body that is almost exposed to the pitcher. A hitter can really swing his bat quickly as he is almost in a swing position.

The next is the closed stance in which the front foot signs to be closer along with the plate, rather when compared to the rear. With this phenomenon, the body is exposed at a smaller angle to the pitcher.

The most benefit of this stance is that a hitter can produce more power because he has the chance of swinging the bat. Also in this position the hitter is able to wait until the last moment after the release of ball.

You can select any of the stances that suit you, but there are few factors that you must take into consideration. The first is the confidence level when you step into the box for action.

The next is the comfort and balance that depends on your stance position. You’ll not feel comfortable if a particular stance doesn’t work for you, hence when working on your stance attempt a position that you feel comfortable to hit.

The next important thing that every player wants is a good plate exposure. Hence special attention has to be paid while practicing your stance. You can simply create your own method to solve this problem.

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Many of them just tap the plate when they get in the box and if the bat hit the same part of the plate then the distance might be correct. It’s just a trial and error process. Anyway there are many stances in the book of baseball and it is you who have to decide what works best for you.